Posted on: May 6, 2009 3:19 pm

He's Back..Again..Oh Boy

First of all I want to thank everyone for reading my first blog post here.  Secondly I want to say, that Brett Favre is still one of my faovrite quarterbacks of all time.  I'm 20 years old, so he and Aaron Rodgers are really the only guys who I've seen play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers

As a Packer fan seeing Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform would be awful.  Favre is a Packers legend however, he's finding ways to taint his legacy in the eyes of some Packer fans.  Favre doesn't like Ted Thompson, everyone knows that.  But, if Favre's reason for wanting to be a Viking is strictly so he can be Ted Thompson and the Packers then he'll be exposed right away.   An NFL regular season is incredibly long and grueling, and if you're not completely into it you'll get yourself hurt badly.

If Favre does end up playing with the Vikings this makes the Packers look so much better, in my opinion.  If this does happen Favre looks like a little child.  Why on earth should he be mad at the Packers for not letting him go to the place he really wanted to play was never the fact that the Packers didn't think he was good enough to play quarterback in the was the fact that it was the beginning training camp, and you had said you were retired and we were moving forward with Aaron can't just expect the Packer organization to stop what they're doing just because Brett decided it was time to play again. 

It's Ted Thompson's obligation to try and make the Packers better, and as I recall Ted nor any Packers coach never said that Favre was incapable of playing in the NFL, it's just not fair to the rest of the team to have jump back to square one with Favre, when the team was already progressing along with Aaron at quarterback. 

He's going to be 40 by I think week 4 or 5...every single time he retires he's going to have that itch to play football, sometime he's going to have to realize it's just not safe for him to continue scratching it and give up the game of football...he can't keep unretiring...he's becoming the joke of football, the sports world for that matter. 

When/if he does come back to the Vikings and when the Vikings come to Lambeau I hope he's prepared for the boo's...because I guarantee they'll come..quick and often. 
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